The ability for a business to leverage their data is often critical to achieving corporate strategies across industries today. The exchange, maintenance, and transformation of data into vital business information is integral to effective business intelligence and other business tools and solutions. Data Services at Cayuse Technologies help to reduce costs and risks, transform data into usable information and insights, provide better communication of information, and secure your data privacy. Business intelligence, coupled with business tools and software solutions, can help increase revenue, improve business agility and enhance competitive capabilities in the marketplace.



Collect and integrate data from multiple sources into a single data store destination.


Data migration services, using the Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process, provides the transfer of data between similar or dissimilar computer platforms and/or storage types; enabling system implementation, system upgrades, and system consolidations. Migration of aged data / obsolete data systems can reduce annual maintenance costs by 80-90%.


Virtualization services at Cayuse Technologies help businesses free up resources from underused hardware, consolidate resources, and outsource resources. Separating your data on virtual machines (VMs) and creating multiple simulated environments or dedicated resources from a single (or in some cases many) physical hardware system(s), provides environments a higher level of protection, reduced risks, and greater efficiency. Virtualization lets you dictate how much processing power, storage, and memory to give virtual machines, increasing agility and reliability, while optimizing costs. Employing the use of VMs can enable better security controls, reducing risk from cyber-attack and other threats.

Data Analytics

Enhance business productivity and make key business decisions with data analytics. Cayuse Technologies extracts, categorizes, identifies and analyzes behavioral data patterns for a range of business requirements.

Reporting & Visualization

Gain the power of visualization to better understand data significance and inform business insights and decisions. During development of application-, dashboard- and portal solutions we perform aggregation of data from different sources, as required for access by the front-end solutions. With reporting and visualization, data patterns, trends, and correlations are presented and easily perceived in a visual context.


Cayuse Technologies capabilities help businesses protect their data with digital privacy measures to help prevent unauthorized access to computers, databases, and websites; one of the most critical concerns for businesses today.



Competitive product roadmap optimization using predictive analytics based on multiple industry-, vendor- and internal data sources, enabling computer manufacturers to compete at optimal consumer price points with predictable outcomes

Predictive analytics point to a hot new market segment for a successful product launch


A major computer company needed to expand its weak foothold in the retail PC market.
The company was strong in B2B/business sales, but weak in B2C/consumer, especially brick-and-mortar retail, and lacked the market data to know how and where to make a successful play in the retail space.


Working with the client, a major chip manufacturer's product business unit, to leverage an extensive market intelligence database, chip and pc product roadmaps and predictive analytics models were created to help the consumer notebook team define the optimal configuration and price point to be able to successfully compete in a new but very large market segment, the entry-level 14” notebook space in China.


The computer company was able to predictably and successfully launch their 14” entry-level discrete-GPU notebook platform in the Chinese market They learned about market analytics in a way they never thought possible.
The chip manufacturer and computer company relationship strengthened significantly as a result of proving its deep understanding of the market and its ability to make reliable prescriptive recommendations

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